10X Growth Conference and Mindset

Ryan and I sat down at the beginning of this year and established 5 values as a couple. These are things that allow us to be at our best as a couple. One of those values is Growth. We are at our best when we are growing together, so we decided to make a goal to attend a Growth Conference together every 6 months. A few weeks ago we attended Grant Cardone’s 10X Growth Conference. It was 3 Days of amazing speakers. When I left the conference on Sunday, it was almost overwhelming because of all the knowledge we were able to be exposed to.

Each day the conference had a crazy start- first day Grant jumped out of a plane, second day Snoop Dogg opened and the last day Lil Jon started the morning off. Grant did this to grab attention, bring the energy and ultimately over deliver for his customers. This was a good reminder to think about how my sales team and myself are treating our customers, are we under delivering or over delivering? If you’re constantly under delivering, you probably won’t have that customer for very long.

If you’re not familiar with the 10X Mindset it is about thinking at a bigger level and how by thinking at a higher level, you are able to do better and achieve things that you may not have been able to with small goals and dreams. So take your current goal and times it by 10 and go all in to achieve them.

To 10X your goals may sound crazy to most. Often times we limit ourselves from having big goals because we either lack the confidence or maybe it was put in our heads that you can’t have big dreams and goals. That it’s not realistic. Shifting your thoughts to focus on what you want vs what society or what others tell you to do can lead to great things. This isn’t an overnight shift in your mindset, it takes time and focus.

Having the right Mindset can be the difference of a fulfilling or unfulfilling life.

Life is going to be tough at times. It can knock you on your ass and feel like every breath of air is gone. Eventually you’ll get back on your feet, hopefully sooner than later. How you react to those situations will reflect on the type of mindset you have. You can respond two ways:

  1. You can play the victim card. You limit yourself because something happened to you. You let that moment or things define who you are. . 
  2. You learn from the moment, become stronger and let it fuel you. This is where Grit and perseverance come in.

A few things I’ve learned along the way:

  • Appreciate your history– we’ve all experienced something tough in our lives. Some have experienced some awful things. Realize that your history and experiences make you who you are today. 
  • Reframe the story- look for the good in the situation. I’ve always been a Tomboy. I like to play sports, ride dirt bikes and hang with the boys. I grew up in a very small town with 8 other girls in my class. Jr High and High School I had a tough time connecting with those girls. Girls are mean at that age. I could have had those few years ruin my confidence and set the tone for how I responded to things but instead I let those times teach me how to have thick skin. Those days gave me the skill sets to deal with difficult customers over the years. I could be bitter and resent those girls but I instead I am thankful for those girls being part of my journey. Life is about perspective. 

We all have stories and history, make sure you are telling yourself the good version of yours.

The 10X Growth Conference was a great reminder to think big. Have big goals and to commit to those goals. Believe in them and don’t let others tell you what your goals are. 

If you want to learn more about the conference, check out www.10xgrowthcon.com


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